Rock and Run

my cellphone picI ran a 5K this morning.  I managed my old 11 minute mile pace (official results: 10.44 min/mile), although I haven’t been very active since the half marathon last year.   I have been running 4 to 7 miles per week, along with my 2X weekly weight routine at the Y.

The Casselberry Rock N Run, which supposedly features rock bands at the mile markers, had about 1300 entrants.  But there was only one rock band on the route. We also encountered a steel drum guy, and a bagpiper.    This would be a great venue for Makeshift.  There were long silent stretches along quiet residential streets.   I can picture us on mic singing Bohemian Rhapsody, That’ll be the Day, Kiss Him Goodbye, All My lovin’ and some others.   We’d need electricity.  The steel drum guy had a honda generator and a PA system.  We’ll see next year.

Otherwise, boy was it hot!   I’ve never seen quite so much perspiring at the finish and the afterward meet-mingle-nosh.   When I got in my shaded car, it was noticeably cooler inside.  The thermometer registered 87 degrees when I headed for home at 8:30am.


blog about rock and pop

Just found this brand new blog called Bad Cover Version written by academic ethnomusicologist and feminist Elizabeth Keenan.  She’s knowledgeable and a lot of fun to read.   For example, she dissects the rock-girl pastiche that makes up current chart phenom Katy Perry.   Here she describes the Rock 101 class she teaches:

I spend a lot of time on things that seem pretty simple to me, like learning that the shit economy in the early 1990s was part of seeing grunge (and Riot Grrrl, though that’s one of the things I don’t talk about) as related to Generation X.  Or that soul music is integrally connected to the Civil Rights movement.  Or that heavy metal owes a lot to the blues, but also a lot to the 1960s counterculture.  Or that punk is just one iteration of the frustration with the death of the counterculture.

I’ll follow this blog.

deadhead Coulter

Who knew? Homophobic right wing harpy  Anne Coulter flaunts her dead head credentials in an interview with It appears legit; she claims she’s been to over 60 Grateful Dead concerts, and collects bootleg tapes and tie dye apparel. And she names other closet deadheads in the conservative mvoement.

Sometimes the lights all shinin on me;
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me
what a long, strange trip its been.

Mnozil Brass

Read about this avant garde brass ensemble at wikipedia, and visit their website.

Music is presented in a typical Austrian humor style, which can be (approximately) characterized as jet black and here and there absurd. Elements of slapstick existent next to virtuosic brass playing.

Then enjoy this near acappella rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.    They give a brass band treatment to the big head-banging rock bridge near the end!


Here’s a new free service trying to do what ScanR offered, but for which ScanR now charges.  You can take a cellphone photo of a document, a sign, a whiteboard or any other object with text or drawings.  Then SMS the image to, and the service emails you a high contrast pdf file of the image, and posts it on their website for your private access.   I haven’t got one yet with actual text recognition, although the website says documents should be searchable.

Here’s a sample I shot of a small business card found in our lunchroom.