New VP Candidate

Yes, I watched some of the Dem convention, and I was moved by some of the speeches, and yes, Bill and Hill defied expectations.

But lets talk about the new Republican VP candidate — she is hot.  Tina Fey: move over.

This will take SOME of the sting out of it if Mccain manages to win.


dock repairs

Tropical storm Fay’s flooding caused problems at the Winter Park Crew boathouse property. The dock was damaged, so I spent Sunday morning helping to clean up and assemble the temporary floating dock they own. It was a lot of labor. I think I’ll skip the workout at the Y monday morning.

Incidentally, here’s some moisture damage from our own garage, the cracking ceiling fell in. Thats the kayak hanging by hooks from beams above the ceiling.
garage ceiling damage

Dedication of the Reed Center

Here’s video of the dedication at the Marcus Historical Society in Marcus Iowa earlier this month. Bob Sr.’s introduction and speech begin at about the 4 min mark if you want to jump ahead.
Online Videos by

Video courtesy of cousin Collette and contributor Kurt Dorr.