dock repairs

Tropical storm Fay’s flooding caused problems at the Winter Park Crew boathouse property. The dock was damaged, so I spent Sunday morning helping to clean up and assemble the temporary floating dock they own. It was a lot of labor. I think I’ll skip the workout at the Y monday morning.

Incidentally, here’s some moisture damage from our own garage, the cracking ceiling fell in. Thats the kayak hanging by hooks from beams above the ceiling.
garage ceiling damage

Dedication of the Reed Center

Here’s video of the dedication at the Marcus Historical Society in Marcus Iowa earlier this month. Bob Sr.’s introduction and speech begin at about the 4 min mark if you want to jump ahead.
Online Videos by

Video courtesy of cousin Collette and contributor Kurt Dorr.

the Fabulous Fay Film Festival

Since we were housebound yesterday afternoon, we hunkered down and caught up with some backlogged movies.

American Gangster (2007), with Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe. Fascinating and true story of a debonair Harlem criminal who takes over and dominates the NYC heroin trade in the late 60’s early 70’s. This is worth checking out just to see Russel Crowe with a classic Rick Reed 70’s hairstyle. Rick: he could totally play you in the biopic.

La Vie en Rose (2007) This is the oscar-winning French language biography of cabaret singer Edith Piaf. I never much cared for her warbly vocal style, but there’s no question she had passion and emotion in her art. The actress portraying Piaf is amazing and deserves her oscar. I watched some archival Piaf clips on youtube and Marion Cotillard‘s` impersonation was uncanny. Piaf had a tough life, and died of illnesses in middle age. I nearly lost it when she was on her deathbed and recalled an isolated act of kindness by her distant father when she was a child: Over a plate of food in a dingy tavern one night, he silently opened his coat to present her with a doll.

I nearly forgot to mention:
Bait Shop (2008) A comedy starring Billy Ray Cyrus and Bill Engvall, which got some local press earlier this year because it was all shot in the Central Florida area. And its about bass fishing! How bad could it be? Turns out this didn’t go theatrical, it didn’t go straight-to-video, it didn’t even go to pay cable. It went straight to basic cable, and premiered on the USA network last week. I PVR’ed it, and Linda even agreed to watch it. It was pretty damn bad. And it wasn’t just the lousy acting and the crappy execution. The script was just plain stupid. The locations were nice though – some great shots of central Florida lakes!

11 down, 2 to go

Today is the first day of 11th grade for Gina. I didn’t even see her this morning because I left for work before she got up. The first day of the school year has led to our fair share of family stress, trauma and anxiety in years past. Gina is fully resigned to it now, although she hasn’t quite finished her summer reading list.

But you know the real hard one is going to be in 2010, when we see her off to college. (below: Gina’s first day of 2nd grade, 1999.)

Gina off to second grade