Whats missing in the Obama campaign?


Its apparently not politically correct to make fun of the first African-American contender for the presidency of the U.S. So says the NYT, and the controversy over the New Yorker cover cartoon just goes to show. Bill Maher says “If you can’t do irony on the cover of The New Yorker, where can you do it?”
Barack and Michelle on the cover of the New Yorker

Update: Leonard Pitts weighs in with his opinion: “Me, I like the cover. It strikes me as an incisive comment on the fear mongering that has attended Obama’s run for the presidency. Still, I understand why it is incendiary: some of us will take it seriously.”  [Regrettably, the Orlando Sentinel dumbed itself down recently with a USA-Today like makeover, and I think they discontinued the occasional Pitts column.  I keep up with him here. ]


The scallop sport season off the gulf coast is reportedly really good this summer, however snorkelers are having to dodge excessive numbers of stinging jellyfish, which keeps some people out of the water. Guys on my fishing lists are debating the merits of different weave long sleeve shirts for protection.

Here’s a snapshot of a one day harvest by some good old boys from an email list.

Scallops and Redfish

BTW, I learned some new seafood slang this weekend. In south Florida, “summer shrimp” means illegally harvested lobster.

Honda CB125

I sold my street bike in 1986 after moving to Florida. With gas prices going up, I’ve been thinking about riding again, but something small. There are tons of stylish small-wheeled scooters on the market now, I know a couple of guys my age that ride them. But what I’d really like is something like the old Honda CB125. This happens to be the bike I learned to ride on in college – it belonged to a friend. Wikipedia says these got 100mpg and were virtually trouble and maintenance-free. None of the motorcycle manufacturers make anything like this anymore, its all scooters in this size and power range.. The CB125 itself was discontinued in the 80’s.

I found this one on ebay in Massachusetts. Its the ONLY CB125 on ebay right now, and I bet the bidding goes way up before it closes on Sunday. ($631 at the time of this posting)

ebay sale image, will expire sooner or later

boat tour

Linda joined me on July 4th for a little boat excursion in the north end of Mosquito Lagoon. We launched at about 8:30am from Riverbreeze park in Oakhill, and made our way through the backwater channels over to the barrier island side of the lagoon. We tried to stop and walk around the historic Eldora community but the skeeters were thick on us so we hightailed it back to the boat. We passed Turtle Mound (which is worth a stop if you haven’t visited before), and beached the boat to walk over and check the ocean shore (video panorama below). Then we were on to JB’s fish camp for lunch.

We took a different route back to Riverbreeze, and for a good stretch of the way Linda piloted with the trolling motor up front while I fished a little from the poling platform. Nothing caught though.

We pulled the boat about 2pm and headed home for a nap. Fun time, and I’ll remember the route. It would be great for visitors – we saw an alligator, and more manatee and dolphin than we could count.