Inshore slam

The trifecta of shallow water fishing in these parts is known as the “inshore slam“. It means catching one of each of the major sports species in a single trip. (trout, snook and redfish). I got my first slam today!

This morning I went out with an acquaintance from one of my fishing lists. We’d traded correspondence a while ago and he invited me to call him up some time and he’d show me his spots. Joe lives in Sebastian and fishes almost every single day since he retired. He knows his waters real real well.


My boat is in the shop this weekend, so I gave him a call and we hooked up at 5:45am this morning down at the boat ramp, and Joe put me on fish. I got a sea trout on topwater, this little snook on a gambler jerk bait, and a slot sized (23″) redfish on a gulp crab. We’re having the redfish for dinner tonight, stuffed with real crab.

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