Recurrent Corneal Erosion

It has a name; you can look it up. I finally saw an ophthalmologist yesterday for an eye problem that has been plaguing me with increasing frequency for over a year. This last weekend was a particularly severe instance which caused me persistent eye irritation into monday. It was so bad I couldn’t work on the computer, so I went home for the afternoon and lay in a dark room with a washcloth over my eyes. When I went for an exam on tuesday, the corneal damage was still visible, although the symptoms had abated. RCE is recurrent loss of cells from the surface of the cornea, with symptoms of extreme irritation and a sensation of foreign objects. Its something like a scratched cornea. Healing can take from hours to days. My symptoms are textbook, and its been occurring about once a week lately,

The doctor explained that it should be treated conservatively and prophylactically (drops and ointment) for a while to see if we can control it. If not, more ‘heroic’ treatment may be called for, eg. surgery.

3 thoughts on “Recurrent Corneal Erosion”

  1. I got RCE too.

    There are horror stories about this. See

    There seem also to be new promising treatments (“Alcohol Delamination”) developed at the University of Nottingham. See:

    There is a podcast about this here:

    [audio src="" /]

    And also a video here:

    I hope I haven’t upset you too much; but I’m in the same battle.


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