Dispatches from Seth

Seth at a finish lineHere’s some excerpts from a travel log Seth is keeping –

May 4, 2008 Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnatti, OH,

Like most large marathons the first couple miles were crowded making it hard to get going. Half-marathoners, relayers and marathoners all started together and some novice participants lined up too near the start line and got in the way. The weather in 2008 was excellent. Several musical acts of different genres were stationed throughout the course. Volunteers from various organizations (piglets) compete for having the best aid station and some of those were entertaining too. . Post-race refreshments were plentiful and easy to pick up. I recommend this event to anyone seeking a big-city marathon with a festive and friendly atmosphere.

May 5, Southgate, MI

Last night’s adventure included a trip across the border to Windsor Canada. I went in hopes of visiting a barbershop group I found online. Continue reading “Dispatches from Seth”

Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthday shout outs to Seymour (age 90) and Linda (age getting up there). We went out with the Solashes and Genslers for a birthday dinner Sunday night, then repaired to Millies house for coffee and a chocolate cake made by Gina.   Another photo here and here.  Here’s the crew at the end of the evening.


quote of the night: “I’m out with your mother on mother’s day and you’re not!!” – Gina during Stacy’s cellphone check in from Atlanta.

sunset kayaking

sunset on the water

I took the kayak out for a little sunset fishing Saturday out in the Indian River near Port Canaveral. I didn’t catch anything notable, just a few small trout. When I got back and was loading the kayak in the dusk, I went to open my car door and found this.