Star Trek, the prequel

Here’s a new Star Trek film I’m looking forward to.   Set for release in summer 2009, the casting has been causing a buzz in entertainment news for a while now.  Matt Damon was considered for the Kirk role, but was dismissed as too old.  Leonard Nimoy will reprise his role and somehow counsel his younger self.

new Captian Kirk

This site compares the physical appearance of the new cast with the originals.

teenage photography

Back in the day I was quite the photo hobbyist. I set up a B&W darkroom in 10th grade and used it for all kinds of activities, including photo processing. I’ve still got a batch of my old negatives, and over the last week I scanned a few of the better images and posted to my flickr account. These are all 1970-72.

Click here for my complete set of vintage photos on flickr.

Fuel Fail (d’oh)

Boater in Martin County pumps 100 gallons of gasoline in wrong hole, hazmat responds

By Megan V. Winslow
published 12:02 p.m., May 13, 2008

PORT SALERNO — Members of the Martin County Fire Rescue Hazmat team responded to a fuel clean-up Tuesday morning after a boater pumped gasoline into his fishing rod holder instead of his gas tank.

The boater pumped about 100 gallons of gasoline at the Finest Kind Marina fuel dock before he noticed the problem, but only about 15 gallons polluted the water, marina employees said.

The rest of the gasoline seeped into the boat’s bilge tank, witnesses said.

The man’s fishing boat was towed from the fuel dock to Sandsprit Park so Hazmat officials could secure the fuel, said Jeff Alter, Fire Rescue bureau chief.

Marina employees said it’s not uncommon to see boaters pump fuel into fishing rod holders because the holder is often close to the fuel tank hole.

OBC annual show

Orange Blossom Chorus mounted their annual show this past weekend. The show featured the stage debut of my quartet The Noteables, along with 3 other local chapter quartets and a high school quintet. The second act featured the professional headlining quartet The Humdingers (from local entertainment company WDW). This is a scene from the disorganized and too-brief Act I tech rehearsal Friday night.

By all accounts, it was the best show the chapter has put on in some time. There was some imaginative staging and sequencing in the chorus material, but the show was really really too loooooooooooong. Fortunately, The Noteables were the first featured quartet about 15 minutes into the first act of the show. My guests Millie, Seymour, Linda and Gina left shortly after our quartet performance, Max made it the entire one hour and twenty minutes to the intermission.

Dispatches from Seth

Seth at a finish lineHere’s some excerpts from a travel log Seth is keeping –

May 4, 2008 Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnatti, OH,

Like most large marathons the first couple miles were crowded making it hard to get going. Half-marathoners, relayers and marathoners all started together and some novice participants lined up too near the start line and got in the way. The weather in 2008 was excellent. Several musical acts of different genres were stationed throughout the course. Volunteers from various organizations (piglets) compete for having the best aid station and some of those were entertaining too. . Post-race refreshments were plentiful and easy to pick up. I recommend this event to anyone seeking a big-city marathon with a festive and friendly atmosphere.

May 5, Southgate, MI

Last night’s adventure included a trip across the border to Windsor Canada. I went in hopes of visiting a barbershop group I found online. Continue reading “Dispatches from Seth”