After five straight days of rehearsals, including three 16 hour days (M, T, W,), I succumbed to a nasty cold Thursday afternoon. Linda had it early last week, and its been going around the chorus.

I spent Friday and Saturday in bed, getting out for opening night performance Friday, and the Sunday matinee. Needless to say, my voice was not in good form, but amongst 100 other singers no one noticed. The newspaper review was pretty good, all he said about the chorus was that there were a lot of us. There’s also some video from the production available at that review. We have one more performance Tuesday night. My sitzprobe video has generated some buzz around the opera. I even overheard some chorusters speculating about who might have shot it.

We forayed to the airport Saturday night to greet Gina returning from the crew trip.  Very glad to have her back home.

Back to the office today and dealing with ongoing work anxiety.

Maestro Coppola

There’s a great article on the Sentinel website about 91 year old Anton Coppola, who is guest conducting the Orlando Opera’s production of Turandot. The website also has a two minute video interview with the diminutive maestro.

I’ve worked under Coppola once before, and he is brilliant. Turandot is a piece he has worked with his entire life (from age 10) and he knows it by heart. He has not used a score in the rehearsals.