Scan, copy and fax with your cellphone

5/29/08 Update: They changed their TOS for the free trial.  When I signed up they offered 5 free scans per month.  They’ve changed it to a limit of 3 free scans period.  I’ve exhausted my limit and this service is not worth $5/month to me.  pity.


Here’s another new and very cool web service I came across called You can take a photo of a document with your cellphone camera, send it via phone messaging to a special email address, and they perform some hi-tech image processing and generate a high contrast pdf file and a jpg, AND they will make a stab at optical character recognition. They email the result to you and you can even fax the results from the website!!

The quality and accuracy will vary according to the quality of the photo. It helps to have good lighting and a hi-res camera phone. See samples after the jump.

I was at a chorus rehearsal last night, and the annual show program was posted on the bulletin board. I’m way behind in learning the new songs, so Instead of copying them down, I snapped a cellphone picture and sent it along. All I had was room lighting, and I held as steady as I could. This morning there was a pdf file in my inbox, and on the website were the other files. Here’s the photo that was sent (reduced in size):

Here’s what the pdf file looks like:

and HERE is the text as calculated by OCR :

60th. Annual barbershop Show
MAY 17,2008
Winter Springs High School
Songs in Show Order –
Set 1 – I’m Sitting On Top of the World
Sweet Georgia Drown
Teach the Children to Sing
Quartet – “Noteablcs”
Winter Springs High School
Quartet – “Miami Transplants”
Quartet – “Faded Glory”
Chorus – What A Wonderful World
I’ll 13c Seeing You
Quartet – “C Breeze”
Chorus – Home On The Range
Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot
Cool, Cool, Water – C Breeze
Intermission –
2nd. Half of Show
Chorus – Baggy Face
Featured Quartet – “Rare Blend”
Chorus – God Bless America
Teach the Children to Sing
Keep the Whole World Singing
Finale : Ja-Da

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