all’s well

Old and new trailer

I took the day off Monday and headed to Titusville while considering my options for resolving my stranded boat and trailer. I called a towing company and found that it would be $175 to get a flatbed truck out there to haul the rig into Titusville for repairs. There is a well known marine shop in T-ville which I planned to consult with.

The Gheenoe boat, a Gheen-designed canoe. But just off the highway on the outskirts of town is the Gheenoe boat factory and I stopped there first. Gheenoes are a well known boat in these parts with a unique super-stable hull design that was invented by a NASA engineer who quit the space industry in the 1970’s to develop a line of boats. I stopped in at the plant to see if they sold trailers. I had photos of my predicament. They carry only one model of trailer, and it was well suited for my boat. And they offered to go out to the beach with me to get the boat swapped and set up a new trailer.

It went just fine. The big risk was that the axle would give way entirely and the boat would crash to the ground, but it didn’t. With three of us, we had enough muscle to make the boat swap. This trailer is a big upgrade for me, and it does tow like a dream.

All for less than $900, and I was contemplating replacing the trailer last fall anyway. I only regret that I sunk some money and time into replacing parts instead.

Oh…almost forgot, the other cool part is while hanging around the Gheenoe company I chatted with this old guy and showed him my boat photos. Turned out he was Harley Gheen – the NASA guy who designed the innovative hull!

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