stress fracture

Stotesbury07045-01Daughter Gina has been training – hard – with WPHS crew since the beginning of the school year. The full-blown racing season begins this weekend with a meet in Tampa. Gina’s prospects with the varsity girls lightweight boat were excellent.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to an orthopedic clinic because she’s been having shin/ankle pains in her left leg for about 8 weeks. She’s seen the WPHS physical trainer, and also a massage therapist about it. With coach’s permission, she discontinued the runs with the crew team about 5 weeks ago in order to see if it would heal up.

After a long wait at the ortho clinic, we got the x-ray results about 6pm last night. It appears to be a stress fracture in her tibia, and the doctor fitted Gina with a boot and crutches with orders to stay off the leg. We’ll have an MRI in the next few days to confirm the diagnosis. There’s a possibility that it may be a stress reaction in the bone and not an actual fracture, but its still fairly certain that she is not going to row anymore this season. That means no spring break training trip to Philly, no State championship, no national meet in Tennessee, and no Stotesbury Cup on the Schuylkill River.

This is a big blow for her sophomore year – thank goodness we can look forward to 2 more varsity years, but that is small consolation right now as our whole household adjusts to some changed expectations for the next couple of months. Wish her well; I know from experience that crutches are a major pain! Gina plans to still attend practices and support the team as best she can, and she should be a bit more mobile in just a few weeks.

6 thoughts on “stress fracture”

  1. May I suggest a new tag, “Life Sucks”? This entry could start off the list. Okay, in all fairness, we also need another one “Life Is Good” with the cute dog logo. However, sometimes you just need to wallow in life sucking, so then it can get good again.


  2. I wrote something like this early this morning. Must have done something wrong.

    What a bummer. I have been there, too, and I can assure you that it DOES come to an end — unfortunately after all those missed opportunities. But there will be other opportunities. Hang in there, Gina — it WILL get better. Grandma Max


  3. Oh Gina, I’m so sorry for you and for your team. I know they will miss you. Hang in there. Get healthy and get back in the game.

    Aunt Weez


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