open call for Turandot supers

There is an open casting call for supers and specialty performers in the April 4-8 Orlando Opera production of Puccini’s Turandot. This is going to be a huge show. Contact me if you’d like more details or are interested in applying for any of these non-singing roles:

  • Prince of Persia. Attractive young male featured only in Act 1
  • Drummer . Well built man must convincingly mime playing on stage drums, featured only in Act 1
  • 7-8 acrobats . Mixed group of men women and children featured only in Act 2
  • 3 Executioners. Well built men with martial arts or dance skills will be featured throughout the show, they will be costumed shirtless
  • 8 Adult women (Popolo.) They will be mixed in with the chorus and be called to all chorus stagings
  • 5-6 children (Popolo.) They will be mixed in with the chorus and be called to all chorus stagings
  • 4-6 male servants for Ping, Pang, Pong. They will be featured throughout the show and will be called to all chorus Stagings plus some additional daytime rehearsal will also be necessary
  • 2 male Governors. They will be used throughout the show and be called to all Chorus stagings Except the first two
  • 8 super Sirens. (young attractive women, must move well) Should be at least 16 years old, will be featured in Act 2
  • 16 male guards. They will be called to all chorus stagings

Commercial Spaceport?

spaceport depiction from  NASA proposalNASA is proposing to build a “Commercial Vertical Launch Complex” (CVLC) on property at or near the Kennedy Space Center. This initiative hasn’t received much press (here’s an article in Florida Today), but there’s been some chatter on my fishing lists, because this would have a direct impact on access to, and closings of, some nice fishing grounds in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.

The project is contemplating two possible sites, one is in undeveloped marshland at the south end of Mosquito Lagoon, and the other near the beach between some existing launch pads. I think the best solution would be to rebuild or redevelop one of the existing abandoned launch pads. There are dozens of them out there, but they are on adjacent Air Force property and there are jurisdictional issues.

The next step is soliciting public input and preparing a draft Environmental Assessment of the two proposed sites. No long range timeline is suggested.

Four page NASA propsal, February 2008. (in pdf format)


We opened last night to a packed house, and lots of laughter. Great fun! I am a Rasputin-like character, one of the eccentric collection of party guests. We sing, we waltz, we polka, we fall down. I am unrecognizable. If the slideshow doesn’t work below, go directly to the flickr photoset here. See the 2/17 Sentinel review in the comments.

The old makeshift crew, Seth, Theresa and Bob, backstage at Die Fledermaus, Tosca, and Il Pagliacci.
sethbobTheresa02 SBT_Tosca1470 pagliaci2003

email forwarding

I received an email from a non-techie guy, and I was prepared to trash it as another “send this to everyone you know” kind of email junk. But I read through it, and it is all very legitimate advice. It cites, and it says don’t even bother with the email petitions.

I’m not going to forward it along, because it really does look like self-propagating spam, and one of the reasons I set up this blog was to discontinue sending general interest email to friends and family. So, I’ll reprint it here.

> Got this from my brother and it makes sense. Some of my friends and family
> who use email follow these rules. You will make a lot of people
> very happy and more people will read your emails.> HOW TO FORWARD E-MAIL APPROPRIATELY
> A friend who is a computer expert received the following directly from
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I was invited for a short lesson and took a little spin on a segway at work. It is a little tricky, and I suspect it is not for everyone. I almost spilled at one point going down the sidewalk.

These things are HEAVY too – I couldn’t lift one into a truck bed if I had to.

Die Fledermaus

Orlando Opera is presenting Strauss’ “Die Fledermaus” this coming weekend. Performances are 2/15, 2/17 and 2/19. Ticket sales have evidently been slow, so if you ask at the box office, you can get a 2-for-1 deal. Tickets start at $25, but I would ask for the $65 front balcony or the $45 rear orchestra.

This is a very funny production, it’s in English with lots of dialogue, jokes, wordplay and physical comedy. Even the music is familiar. The principals are very gifted actors and comedians in addition to being great opera singers!! I don’t think Pavarotti was ever asked to slide down steps on his belly in the middle of an aria!.

More info is available at , but call the box office directly 407-426-1700 and ask for the 2-for-1 ticket special!! Best seats open are for Tuesday night performance.

Myself, Seth E. and Theresa S. are singing in the chorus, and although we are not among the featured cast members, if you watch carefully, you may see us in a waltzing spin or two. (no, not with each other.) But trust me, you are unlikely to take your eyes off the talented leads in this production.

correction: Theresa and I do a little polka together in act II.