cool ocean vehicle


This is a capture from the hi-res webcam I keep as my desktop background at work. Its the Jupiter Inlet about 3 hours south of Orlando. I’ve featured this webcam before.

salvage bargeThis week, a research/salvage vessel showed up in the webcam photos. I’ve seen this thing in person last year parked in the surf at a public beach in south Brevard County. I stopped and asked someone what it was, because it looks like a miniature oil platform.  It is a shipwreck salvage barge, its powered, and carries pumps and hoses for dredging and exploring the ocean floor. It evidently works various sites up and down the east coast.

When not in use, they just motor over to some public beach, crank down the three steel pylons on each corner which lifts the hull out of the water, and then ferry the crew to shore in a dinghy. I don’t know if they keep someone on board or not, doesn’t seem that it would be necessary.

I thought it was pretty cool that it showed up on my daily webcam.

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