Election day

It was twenty years ago I first volunteered and worked the Orange county polls. Today is the Florida presidential preference poll. Its a simple primary, but some other local races have piggy backed onto the ballot. Here I am with a couple of my poll workers this morning..


Its a long day, and the turnout has been suprisingly steady. We encourage absentee and early voting, but still we’ve had good traffic this morning so far.

6 thoughts on “Election day”

  1. Tried to vote today by absentee ballot to avoid the lines. Mom took our ballots down to our precinct and was told that she had to take them downtown to “headquaters on Kaley street by five o’clock”. They wouldn’t accept them at the precinct level in spite of the written instructions that said they would be accepted there.
    So she voted in person. I will not. ARRGH!


  2. and I bet there were no lines today. There were long lines for early voting at the libraries last week, but you retirees have all day long to cast your ballots on election day. Sorry the written instructions were misleading.


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