don’t expect a solution anytime soon

we may need dilbertIn response to a new problem/issue at work, I received an email today that offered no suggestions whatsoever, but actually concluded:

We may need further dialog to advance any considerations.

ps. this is one of the rare occasions when I will use “actually” in a sentence. Its atrociously overused, IMHO.
pps. Also, in the illustration, a rare instance when the Comic Sans MS font is appropriate, again, mercilessly overused.

4 thoughts on “don’t expect a solution anytime soon”

  1. ewwww. This is one of the reasons I work at home — don’t have to hear that kind of drivel. But that doesn’t protect me from the emails, I guess.

    What I hate is heads-up and moving forward: “I just wanted to give you a heads-up, because moving forward we are going to implement the strategy.”

    (Was there really a possibility that they were going to move backwards?)


  2. I do value the catch phrase “heads-up”. It is very useful as a response when there is nothing else to say. You can always say “Thanks for the heads-up on that.”

    eg. “BTW, so-and-so really trashed your proposal at the meeting with the VP yesterday”. “Hey neighbor, your grass is getting pretty long isn’t it.” “I wouldn’t go to mother’s funeral if they sent a limo full of booze and girls to take me”. “you have a booger hanging out of your nose”.


  3. I think that some DO want to move backward: “Well, we certainly didn’t do it that way LAST year.” “Why was there no shrimp? We have always have shrimp.”


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