Gordon family history

Gordon family, c 1920

William and Ellen Gordon (lower left) and their children. W&E are my great great grandparents. Frank, (2nd from left back row) is Mom’s grandfather, and my great grandfather. William fought in the civil war at age 17. He moved his family from Wisconsin to South Dakota in 1885.

This comes from a collection and book compiled by descendant Eric J. Guignard of Chino Hills, CA. It traces the Gordon lineage back to Scotland.

Mother adds this about Grandpa Gordon (Frank):

I knew him well until they moved to Oregon during WW II. … I never saw him, though, dressed any way other than a three-piece suit with watch fob, garters on her shirt sleeves, and spats on his shoes, even though he was long retired at that time. And non-air-conditioned summers in S Dak could be brutal.

4 thoughts on “Gordon family history”

  1. Wow. I can’t stop looking at this. A couple of things that strike me:

    1. Kind of weird that Frank’s son married a woman named Jessie — his uncle’s name. And she later married a man named Frank — her former father-in-law’s name.

    2. Funny how none of the brothers look anything like each other. You wouldn’t know that any of them were related.

    3. Poor Bernice! The only girl in a family of such dour middle-aged men.



  2. You’re right, you’re right. Definitely a friend of Dorothy’s. And certainly the one of the bunch that I’d most like to have a beer with (or even better, watch the Academy Awards).


  3. Young parents weren’t as creative with names in the 19th century as they are now. My mohter was actually named after HER Uncle Jesse.

    This pic was taken in 1920–the year my folks married. I remember talk about Aunt Berneice and Uncle Will, but if I ever met them, I was too young to remember.

    Uncle Ed looks to be the most fun — what was then known as a “Gay Blade,” no matter which way he may have swung. Mom


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