beachwalk 2007


Over the holiday Harold invited me to join him on another beachwalk to cover the wilderness seashore between Titusville and New Smyrna Beach. We’ve done this together a couple of times many years prior, and Harold just did it solo back in 2006. The plan was for Linda to drop us off in the early morning hours, and then Linda and Alison would meet us for dinner in New Smyrna.

bobsign3666I dragged Linda out of bed early the day after Christmas, and she snoozed in the back seat while I drove us all out to Playalinda beach. We started out in near darkness. What we didn’t know was that the north wind would build quite a bit as daylight came on, and a full moon high tide would peak about 9:15am when we are at the steepest part of the beach.

Harold was carrying a handheld GPS and calculated that our distance to cover was just over 18 miles. We set out and it went well for the first couple of miles. By mile four, I had to make a serious assessment. My left knee was acting up and I suspected bursitis coming on from the strain of walking in soft sand. I’ve had bursitis in both knees, a shoulder and most recently, my ankle.  This was the same knee that gave me trouble after my half marathon, and I feared it might be quite serious by the end of 18 miles, so I decided to turn back. I called Linda and alerted her I’d need a pickup.

I was carrying a fishing rod but the surf was so weed choked it was nearly unfishable. I did manage to catch one small bluefish, but only because it struck my lure the moment it hit the water.


So I leisurely walked back to our start point and then beyond to the eddy creek landing to fish the lagoon side of the seashore. Linda hatched new plans with Alison, and Linda, Nick, Gina, Ted and Nancy picked me up about 4:30. Alison retrieved Harold in NSB, and then drove down to meet us all at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville for the rock shrimp specialty.

Dinner was great, my knee was a little off, but OK and it recovered in a couple of days. The irony is that Harold’s 18 mile objective included 6 miles of walking out of the public access area of the north end of the seashore; it was really only 12 miles to reach the paved road where I could have been picked up. And when I calculated my total distance walked that day on google maps, it turned out I walked 10.2 miles anyway! I coulda been a contender. Well, I had a day at the beach, got some good pictures, had a wonderful dinner with friends and family, and I will try it again.

Harold on the GPS WWII era observation towerseabirdwallpaper3679

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