Cousin Ken Larsen’s cultural exchange

Ken Larsen, from my mother’s upper midwest family, recently wrote this account of an excursion into the heart of the new world!

by Ken Larsen

As a misplaced American living in England for more than thirty years, I took seven of my English mates back to my South Dakota homeland for a “Boys Holiday” this fall. Not so much “Boys” anymore, as the average age of our group was 64! The motley crew included

  • a London taxi driver,
  • a Wimbledon property developer,
  • a retired stockbroker,
  • a South African dentist,
  • a quantity surveyor,
  • a company director, and
  • an IT specialist.

Off we set on September 10, flying Northwest Airlines from London to Minneapolis, then onward to Rapid City after a plane change. (Virgin Airlines has a saying, “If you want to fly home to see your mother, fly Virgin. If you want to be served by your mother, fly Northwest!”) At our age, we felt right at home!

Now South Dakota is not on the top of the “must see” list of English tourist agencies (and probably not on the top of the American agencies either). When our flight landed at the airport, out on the prairie ten miles from Rapid City, the terminal was the only build¬ing in sight! The last time these guys had seen so much open space was a visit to the Outer Hebrides. Continue reading “Cousin Ken Larsen’s cultural exchange”