barbershopper joke

A lady goes into a pet store to buy a songbird. While she’s walking around she hears a bird singing beautifully, and in a trance, she follows the sound to the back of the store.

There in a cage is a cheerful little canary just singing her heart out. A sign on the cage reads, “$1,000 for the pair.” She looks deeper into the cage and in the back she sees a poor haggard little bird with its head down, shaking it from left to right.

The clerk comes over and the lady asks, “How much for just the canary?”

The clerk says, “I’m sorry. You’ll have to buy the pair.”

The lady says, “But that other bird is so haggard and looks so depressed, and he just sits there and shakes his head. The songbird is so happy and singing so beautifully. Why do I have to buy the other bird?”

The clerk replies, “Because he’s the arranger.”

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