Birthday redfish



I went out for a short paddle to test out my new kayak seat (Thanks M&D!). Launched in the Indian River off the causeway near Cocoa where I found a little cove area sheltered from the north wind. Right away I had some action, and I caught little dink trout on the first two casts! A little later while paddling and trolling a plastic gulp minnow behind me, I had a big strike that peeled off a bunch of line. I tightened the drag and the fish started pulling me around, and out into windy water. I figured it was a sailcat, and was mentally preparing to cut him loose and keep the slime off the boat.


To my surprise it was a nice redfish! First big fish in the ‘yak – I managed to pull him into the plastic boat and get the jig out of his mouth. I was not prepared for a nice fish like this. I didn’t even have a cooler in the car, so I revived and released him. Then headed for home. I was only out on the water for about an hour.

Its a terrific birthday so far. Last night had a wonderful dinner at Bergamo‘s singing restaurant with the P’s. Our server was a lovely young woman who I’ve caroled with a couple of times this season. And then this trophy fish this morning. Later tonight, I have two caroling gigs at private houseparties, and a featured part in the 11pm Christmas eve music service at church. Fishing and singing – who could ask for more?

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