seasonal duet

Linda and I were listening to the radio the other day and that old chestnut “Baby, its cold outside” came on. Only there was something oddly familiar about the singers. Could it be? Two of the most distinctive vocalists of our generation. It sounded like the high country warble of Dolly Parton and the hoarse breathy tenor of Rod Stewart!

I tracked it down. Its a track on Stewarts 2006 release Stardust… The Great American Songbook, Vol. III. And he does indeed duet with Dolly Parton. It isn’t too bad, but the baggage each singer brings to the performance gets in the way for me.

You can hear a brief audio clip on this page for the album. Scroll down a couple of screens.

Look at some of the other artists who have covered this song: Leon Redbone, LeeAnn Womack (I’ve got that version), Bette Midler, more.

One thought on “seasonal duet”

  1. I’m so glad another generation has found that ole chestnut “Baby It’s Cold Outside” I have fond memories of it from the 1940’s in Marcus Ia. One day a blizzard closed the high school, and a girl I had a crush on invited me to her house (way across town) to play cards and sit out the day. I eagerly bundled up and struggled through the snow-bound streets and drifts to find some other girls and another guy there. NUTS! But we played Monopoly and sang that great NEW song. And yes–there was some corn for popping. On another wintery night, I knew a way into the lobby of my dad’s train depot and a bunch of us snuck in, fired up the potbelled stove, cuddled around it and sang. And just as we launched into that new song, s soft snow began to fall in the glow of the outdoor street lights.
    Ah memories!
    Grandpa Reed


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