seasonal arrangement

A fellow caroler sent me this link of Indiana University’s a cappella group singing an awesome Christmas arrangement. Its a little long, but full of surprises!

It was recorded back in 1998.

12/21 Update: reports as follows-

Straight No Chaser: Live at the Musical Arts Center (DVD)Featuring the viral hit “The Twelve Days of Christmas”
Straight No Chaser clip generates unprecedented demand

Who knew? Who knew that a bunch of guys standing around a stage, in ties and tails, nine years ago, would be so popular? Who knew that a short clip on YouTube would be viewed over three million times? That’s right, I said million! And who knew that would itself sell over 1200 of these DVDs in a little over a week? I bet those Straight No Chaser guys didn’t. And we certainly didn’t. But apparently, those of you in the know did, because you’ve already ordered your copy of Live at the Musical Arts Center, the DVD that features Indiana Straight No Chaser singing “that Twelve Days of Christmas” song, as it’s come to be known online.

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