gator attack

Orange county schools are on holiday all this week, so this afternoon, I took off work and Nick, Gina and I hauled the canoe up to the Wekiva river for a little sightseeing. Within 10 minutes of the canoe launch, we spotted two otters and followed them as they swam into a weed clump next to a log. On top of the log was this 7′ gator.


Immediately after this picture was snapped, the gator slipped into the water on the other side canoe3608and with a huge commotion, lunged out of the water and up the bank of the river into the brush. He lay still up in the brush with only his tail showing, and presumably, an otter clenched firmly in his teeth. We didn’t trouble ourselves to investigate any closer. I’ve only seen a gator move like that once before, and that was at the “gator jumperoo” at Gatorland, when they suspended raw chickens over the gator pit.

We were pretty good about staying in the boat for the rest of our tour.

rowing pair

Gina and Tracy have been athlete partners and friends since they started swimming together in middle school. This season, they are a rowing pair for the WPHS crew lightweight women’s boat. This was taken last weekend following two 1st place finishes at the first meet of the season.


Tjardeses visit

chip, Mavic and 2 yo TJ

We had a great visit last weekend from HS buddy Chip and his young family.  They were visiting from Madison WI and were down to scatter his mother’s ashes in Sarasota.  They stayed with us for 2 nights, and we got to take in one of Gina’s crew meets, a Makeshift gig, and a dinner at Bob Sr’s.   whew, a two year old requires a LOT of attention.  We had forgotten.

See more pics from their visit here.

another good reason to be on the crew team

Its who you know.

Last friday evening, the entire team attended a potluck dinner at a crew parent’s private residence in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town.  (hint: it rhymes with printer shark.)  The dinners are preparatory to Saturday morning races and they are very large and well attended affairs with rowers, coaches and parent volunteers. At this dinner, it turns out that numerous parking tickets were issued to the cars parked up and down the block.

Not to worry – we got a mass email this morning, and the host has kindly arranged to have all tickets “cancelled”.

BTW, Gina’s boat won their two races, and G brought home her first two medals of the season!