race photos

We browsed an art show in Cocoa Beach Saturday afternoon, and then that evening attended the pre-race pasta dinner with over 1,000 other runners. There were two speakers at the dinner: Olympic gold medalist marathoner Joan Benoit something, and an astronaut who spoke about how running a marathon is like a space shuttle mission. During the dinner, most of the runners wore trophy shirts from previous marathons and/or triathalons. Gina later commented on the incredible amount of raw ego present in the room. Indeed, everyone seemed to be strutting.


You can manually review the entire Flickr photoset available here.

my holiday/birthday wishlist

Taking a cue from nephew Austen, here’s some items I would love to see under the tree this year:

Some of these items, and some books and CD’s, are on my Amazon wishlist.

wish I’d seen that!

353 Fastech

The St. Pete Times reports on an accident last weekend wherein the pilot of a 35′ high speed sport boat was ejected at 90 mph. The boat continued on for a mile until it plowed across a sand key and then burrowed into shallow water. The driver was hurt, but not seriously. Geez, what if this had been in a populated area?

Thanks Capt. Bob J. for the news tip.

race photos

I still have photos from race day in my camera and haven’t found time to review yet, but I just received email notice that the commercial service has posted some race day pictures for purchase. The thumbnails are pretty crappy, and nothing larger can be extracted from the site. more later.

screen capture of foto page

I can’t find Gina’s photos without her bib number, which I don’t have and can’t read from the thumbnail.

Update: the bib number is 1415, thanks Linda! This link should work for Gina’s thumbnails. http://www.marathonfoto.com/index.cfm?RaceOID=22302007F1

’tis the season

DowntheChimneyI invited two caroling ladies to drop in on the Orange Blossom Chorus rehearsal last night. With Seth, we presented a short holiday set, it went nicely and the guys seemed to like it.   Fellow barbershopper and first-year caroler Dean Dix also joined us for a couple of songs.

I won’t be back to chorus rehearsals for a while as my dance card is filling up, in part because rehearsals for the two spring operas are starting this week. Beginning this coming Saturday, I’ve got:

  • Sat night Makeshift gig
  • Sun pm Makeshift rehearsal
  • Sun night caroling gig
  • Mon night caroling rehearsal
  • Tue night Turandot rehearsal
  • Wed night choir
  • Thu night Fledermaus rehearsal
  • Fri night caroling gig
  • Sat nothing yet
  • Sun pm Makeshift rehearsal

13 miles

Gina and I completed the Spacecoast half marathon this morning….we are both quite sore, and I’m hoping my left knee is not injured.

Update: Here’s a bar graph of my weekly training over the last few months, culminating in this last week with a 5k on thanksgiving day, and the 13 miler on Sunday.

training record

The two gaps in the record reflect vacation time, first in Georgia last summer, and then a fishing vacation this past October. The graph is from a log I’ve kept in a google spreadsheet document.� I going to take this week off from running.

Photos from the half marathon still to come!