3 thoughts on “Redfish video”

  1. Bob,

    You’re a wild man ! I’m in my mid fifties so I can relate to Iron Buterfly.

    I am tech saavy with the exception of editing my own movies.

    Is it hard? What softaware do you use?

    And, lastly if I bring Jerry Goldsmith and my Key West Stealth to Sebastian , can you put us onto a spot – Jerry and I will treat you to lunch and brews.

    Tom Ratcliff


  2. Tom,
    I use Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0, which is the consumer version of the pricey professional product. I hope to get version 3.0 soon which has optimizers for youtube exporting.

    Premiere has a steep learning curve, but it is more stable than the first program I used which is Pinnacle Studio. Studio was much easier to learn. Both are under $100.

    About putting you onto fish, thanks for the invite, but – LOL – I’m one of the most hapless anglers on the CFFA forum. I will send you by email the spots I stumbled on during my annual trip down to Sebastian early this month. I’m in Orlando, so I don’t get down there as much as I’d like.


  3. That is so funny using Iron Butterfly! The words were suppose to be “in the garden of evil” but the vocalist was shall we say so “tight” it came out as we know it now.

    Just a note, IMovie, Apple never look back.

    Thanks Bob for sharing.


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