1 gb microcardFor my new phone, I picked up a micro SD memory card. This tiny little thing set me back almost $20, and it holds 1 gigabyte of storage! That is TWICE the hard drive capacity that I was provisioned back in the day when I was doing database work in the cable tv industry. They outfitted me with a incredibly expensive 500mb drive, the largest in any personal computer in the company. (c. 1989) Of course, back in those days, we were doing backups on 360K floppy disks.

I’ll do the math: in 1989 it would take over 1,300 of the old floppy disks to backup that 500mb hard drive. Today, that little microcard pictured here is equivalent to 714 diskettes (3.5″).  And it also comes in 2GB and 4GB sizes!

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