New Phones

Linda and I have been putting off phone upgrades, although we’ve been eligible for quite a while for the generous contract-extension phone subsidies. My reliable old LG 4700 died on me while camping last week, so we embarked Sunday to go phone shopping. I’ve always shopped at the Verizon store for two main reasons: 1 – they’ve always comped me some extra accessories when I ask, and 2 – they can electronically migrate our existing phone books from the old phone to the new.

I won’t go into all the details, but it was an ordeal, and involved literally hours of standing around while the store clerks struggled with the point of sale computers. And to top it off, they couldn’t migrate our phone lists, and although the clerk was willing, he was “unable” to get the computer system to permit a complimentary micro-SD card (a $49 value).

samsung I ended up returning my Motorola KRAZR on Tuesday because it was just too small for my aging eyes. I instead got another LG phone from Best Buy, which would have gone fine except that I again ended up standing around for over an hour while the BB clerks tried to get the Verizon computer system to authorize me a phone. Finally, they got out an old paper 3-part form, and copied information from the computer screen using a ball point pen(!), and then made a voice call to Verizon to authorize the phone. Memo to Verizon IT Dept: Get your sh*t together!

It turns out that Linda and I have selected the top two “Fashion Phones” as recognized in the just released annual gadget test issue from Wired Magazine. Here’s links to the magazine website which has good summaries of Linda’s dual-hinged Samsung SCH-u740 and my LG VX8700.

bluetooth headsetPlus, we each got matching bluetooth headsets from a couple of weeks ago in anticipation. We are so fashionable!

ps. The entire Wired review issue is available via 23Meg pdf download from here.

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