I’m spending a week at Longpoint park in Brevard County. Its my favorite getaway. I get waterfront property for $25/night, with electricity and water!

I’ve been here often enough now. The snowbirds in their RV’s kind of take over after christmas. It’s always packed on weekends, but right now in midweek its about 10% occupied, which is real nice. Kevin H. and daughters will join me in the adjacent campsite this weekend, and possibly Harold and Nancy. Daughter Gina has crew practice and won’t be joining us.

Sunrise this morning from the water:

One of the reasons I came down this month was to fish the fall mullet run, but things are pretty quiet. According to the groundskeeper, “I shoulda been here last week”. He said the bait was so thick right off the campsites, that he saw a redfish beach himself chasing mullet. People were catching flounder right off the campground!!

No such luck this week. In fact, I was skunked for the first 24 hours. Finally, at sunset sunday night, I ran into a good bite. I got a fat 23″ trout, a baby grouper, and a flounder in about 30 minutes. I kept the flounder for dinner.

Baby Grouper:

Today (monday) was windy, not much biting, until, again, sunset. Then I caught several ladyfish, and a bunch of jacks, one after the other!! lots of fun. Then back to the campsite for one of the best steak dinners in recent memory. I had some fresh sweet corn (from south america), organic farmed strip steak with mushroom gravy, and skillet grilled texas toast. All prepared over an open fire.

One thought on “camping/fishing”

  1. Sounds as though you are having a great time. Hope it continues throughout the week. I didn’t get the magazines delivered to you before you left. Guess you’ll have to go again!


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