Before I departed for my annual fishing vacation, I had this little problem to deal with.  A tree limb had fallen on top of our pool screen.


I called for assistance and Harold responded and served as safety and logistics consultant.  Gina arrived home and grabbed the camera to take these pics.  Here’s me in the act of cutting the limb.

It was precarious, but successful.

Thanks Harold, I was pretty spooked and glad for your advice and support.

3 thoughts on “chainsaw”

  1. Oh–the trials and tribulations of home ownership. Wow! I’m glad you are still so youthful that you can clammer around in places I am scared of. And I’m so happy that you back yourself up with sound advice, counsel and help!
    Go Harold!
    Grandpa Reed


  2. For the record, I was strongly against doing the job himself/themselves. We need to get a tree service in anyhow to take out the tree! Climbing screens and downing trees are right up there with electrical work. Not for amateurs! At least not married amateurs with children.


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