1 gb microcardFor my new phone, I picked up a micro SD memory card. This tiny little thing set me back almost $20, and it holds 1 gigabyte of storage! That is TWICE the hard drive capacity that I was provisioned back in the day when I was doing database work in the cable tv industry. They outfitted me with a incredibly expensive 500mb drive, the largest in any personal computer in the company. (c. 1989) Of course, back in those days, we were doing backups on 360K floppy disks.

I’ll do the math: in 1989 it would take over 1,300 of the old floppy disks to backup that 500mb hard drive. Today, that little microcard pictured here is equivalent to 714 diskettes (3.5″).  And it also comes in 2GB and 4GB sizes!

guest anglers

Last week at the end of the camping trip, I took Dinah and Audrey H. out in mid afternoon. They were both naturals, and we had a nice couple of hours and caught about a dozen fish, including sea trout, jack cravalle, mangrove snapper, catfish and some pinfish.

AudreyandCanoe0922 EmmaandCravalle0914 Doubletrouthookup0916 AudreyandSnapper0920

This was probably the best fishing I’ve ever had with guests on my boat. They are a couple of good luck girls! Hope I can do it again some time.

See all photos from this trip in this flickr set.

New Phones

Linda and I have been putting off phone upgrades, although we’ve been eligible for quite a while for the generous contract-extension phone subsidies. My reliable old LG 4700 died on me while camping last week, so we embarked Sunday to go phone shopping. I’ve always shopped at the Verizon store for two main reasons: 1 – they’ve always comped me some extra accessories when I ask, and 2 – they can electronically migrate our existing phone books from the old phone to the new.

I won’t go into all the details, but it was an ordeal, and involved literally hours of standing around while the store clerks struggled with the point of sale computers. And to top it off, they couldn’t migrate our phone lists, and although the clerk was willing, he was “unable” to get the computer system to permit a complimentary micro-SD card (a $49 value).

samsung I ended up returning my Motorola KRAZR on Tuesday because it was just too small for my aging eyes. I instead got another LG phone from Best Buy, which would have gone fine except that I again ended up standing around for over an hour while the BB clerks tried to get the Verizon computer system to authorize me a phone. Finally, they got out an old paper 3-part form, and copied information from the computer screen using a ball point pen(!), and then made a voice call to Verizon to authorize the phone. Memo to Verizon IT Dept: Get your sh*t together!

It turns out that Linda and I have selected the top two “Fashion Phones” as recognized in the just released annual gadget test issue from Wired Magazine. Here’s links to the magazine website which has good summaries of Linda’s dual-hinged Samsung SCH-u740 and my LG VX8700.

bluetooth headsetPlus, we each got matching bluetooth headsets from woot.com a couple of weeks ago in anticipation. We are so fashionable!

ps. The entire Wired review issue is available via 23Meg pdf download from here.


temporary outdoor facilities

The west coast Reeds are into Day 12 of a complete upstairs bathroom makeover. The project will be finished in two weeks. The family is currently using the outdoor shower (with the old bathtub/shower rigging), two water closets, and the utility sink. No complaints from the 14 year-old and 12 year-old, even after a 6:30 am shower in the cold rain.The room was 8.5 by 6.5. We’ve used half of a large closet to create space for the custom shower and steam room. We are adding new lighting, exhaust system, laundry chute, and a basin. The (original) 110 year-old bathtub remains.

Louise and I are acting as project managers. All of this done with graph paper plans and an unlicensed contractor.