new rules

One of Bill Maher’s new rules:

Stop wearing plastic shoes. It was only a year ago when only preschoolers and mental patients wore these. But, now grownups all over America have gone “Croc” crazy. The latest step in our unending quest to dress as casually as humanly possible. “You know, I used to wear flip-flops, but they’re a little dressy.” “I want clothing I can hose down.” Admit it, we’re a nation of slobs who won’t be happy until we can go to the mall in a diaper.

More rules here.

Makeshift photos

I picked up a few new photos from Kim and Nick and added them to my account. This one in particular, from their wedding last summer, is a great addition to the Pete Anderson photoset I created for his 50th.


This one was taken at our recent successful gig at Barnies Coffee Wine and Tea out in Avalon park. Incidentally, they had such a great house both nights, they’ve asked us back.


See two more photos from that Barnies gig here.


spoonbill3551I went to the Canaveral seashore this morning. Put the kayak in about 8-10am, caught two ladyfish, then the bite died. On the way back, I cruised Biolab road, a dirt/gravel road that winds along the west shore of the Mosquito Lagoon. Right off the bat I saw several roseate spoonbills, a somewhat rare species. Its really notable for its pink color resulting from an exclusive diet of crustaceans, very much like the more tropical pink flamingo. Its upper body is white, but when it takes flight its a big pink thing.

Go here to see a few more photos from this morning. These pictures are pretty lame, all I had was my pentax water camera, and the color doesn’t really come through.

“Curb” is back for a sixth season

Who knew? I was a late comer to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” an HBO series which premiered in 2000, but I caught up on most episodes in reruns, and followed it right up to the end of the last season (in late 2005) when Larry died and went to heaven. Thats it, I thought. It was a good and funny run.

This morning while out running I listened to the 9/6 NPR show Fresh Air, and Terry Gross interviewed Jeff Galaway and Susan Essman about their return in Season 6!! There are 10 new episodes with the first airing last Sunday. I’m looking forward to catching up again with the crusty anti-social Larry, his lovely wife (UCF-grad) Cheryl Hines, and the rest of the gang.

I guess I missed promos on HBO because everything I watch is DVR’ed and I never see commercials or interstitial programming any more.


NYC resident and geeky nephew Austen (you know I mean that in a good way!) reminisces  quiet poignantly about his impressions of 9/11/01.  He was in 4th grade.

I remember thinking that I didn’t know there were bad guys in real life, and that that only happens in movies and books. But when I got home and turned on the TV it was pretty real.   read more…

Should I vote Republican?

If the Democratic National Committee doesn’t reverse or at least moderate its recent decision, it will be nearly pointless to vote in Florida’s scheduled democratic primary election this coming January 29th. The New York Times (and many others) report on the DNC’s vote to deny any Florida delegates to the national convention next summer. This is on account of the Florida legislature, led by republicans, which defied the national committee rules and moved the Florida primary from March to January. Asshats, all of them!

The national committee set a deadline of September 30th for Florida democrats to come up with an alternative, and at least until that deadline, dem candidates are allowed to campaign in our state.

So, if this isn’t settled, I’ll very likely switch my party declaration to republican, and vote strategically in ‘their’ primary. Hah! This is required because Florida is a closed primary state. Changes in Florida voter registration info must be on record for 30 days prior to any election to be recognized, so we’ve got until the end of December to contemplate this. As Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell says, if enough Florida democrats do this, it will send a statement just as significant as the outcome of a pointless presidential preference poll.

I’ve got some reservations still. Would I vote for the least-offensive republican? Or for the most defeatable candidate? Would I “waste” my vote by casting for a ridiculous long shot like Ralph Nader? (damn, that 2000 election result still hurts!) It’s clearly a subversion and corruption of the system. Although it may be the only way to make ones vote count, is it ethical? The system is subverted all the time, manipulation and subversion is how we got in this fix, but do two wrongs make it right? Do the ends justify the means? Lets wait and see.