Public hypocrisy, corruption and irony

Unbelievable. This site profiled by boing boing, is all about police officers who don’t extend ‘professional courtesy’ to fellow officers and choose instead to do their jobs! As one boingboing commenter observed, “There’s so much irony on it might just collapse inwards on itself and become an ironic black hole…”

They have a section highlighting “Dicks of the month“, with exemplary stories such as the one about a cop who didn’t get a free pass for DUI, or a wife of a cop who got her husband on the cell phone and still couldn’t dodge a ticket, or the port authority officer who thought 9/11 entitled him to a lifetime get-out-of-jail-free card. Even a guy who thought it was outrageous he got cited for fishing without a license.

Take a look now, because I suspect won’t be around for long. Its a huge black eye for law enforcement.

One thought on “Public hypocrisy, corruption and irony”

  1. Another blight on our cops are the scams perpitrated by crooks who use law enforcement as a pitch to solicit donations via the telephone. These sleezy telemarketers operating out of boiler rooms, identify themselves in some way with law enforcement and ask for donations for educating kids about the law or sending kids to a police summer camp or helping cop widows. The typical customer is intimidated and wants to do good and appease the cops so the con works.
    This has been going on for years and this month alone, I have been badgered by two such calls. I always cut them off by saying that I would be happy to contribute if they would send a uniformed officer around to my house to take my money. I sometimes get into arguments and take up their time and then have the pleasure of hanging up. “60 Minutes” did a piece on these scumbags about 20 years ago and it curtailed them for awhile, but now they are back again and in full throttle. Watch out for these buggers.


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