Public hypocrisy, corruption and irony

Unbelievable. This site profiled by boing boing, is all about police officers who don’t extend ‘professional courtesy’ to fellow officers and choose instead to do their jobs! As one boingboing commenter observed, “There’s so much irony on it might just collapse inwards on itself and become an ironic black hole…”

They have a section highlighting “Dicks of the month“, with exemplary stories such as the one about a cop who didn’t get a free pass for DUI, or a wife of a cop who got her husband on the cell phone and still couldn’t dodge a ticket, or the port authority officer who thought 9/11 entitled him to a lifetime get-out-of-jail-free card. Even a guy who thought it was outrageous he got cited for fishing without a license.

Take a look now, because I suspect won’t be around for long. Its a huge black eye for law enforcement.

(guest post) Nope, not me . . .

I will not watch The War. I love history. I love documentaries.

Quick disclaimer – I’ve produced two (sports) documentaries and collaborated on three others. I am envious of Ken Burns.

bad haircut guy Ken BurnsEvery seven years, this Mr. Burns dude surfaces. Using his Ken Burns Press Tour Thesauruses, he spits out phrases like; “fabric of our society”, “spiritually richer”, “mosaic tapestry”.

Now, are we asking for a definitive history of WW II? Uh, yeah. If you’re going to produce almost 15 hours of programming, let’s put the content into context. Burns calls The War an “epic poem”. FOR FIFTEEN HOURS.

“We left out tons of stuff. There are no German-Americans. No (military) women. No one from the Navy or Merchant Marines”. He also does not include anything from Over There (I know – WW I). The filmmaker is a smart guy. He realized he could title it The War and not have to include the rest of the World.

Already the criticism has started. The Latin community was enraged he did not include anything from America’s largest ethnic minority group. Instead of weaving the Latin stories into the FIFTEEN HOURS, he simply added 28 minutes of material before the credits . . . “so that it doesn’t interrupt the vision of our film” (another entry in the KBPT Thesauruses).

His previous projects were much older (West, Civil War, Jazz.) The subjects had no footage, nor could he interview first-hand participants. For The War, he has both but . . .

I will not watch 15 hours of slow pans and zooms of photographs while some celebrity (Tom Hanks) reads another letter from the front while Mr. Burns adds period music and sound effects.

Rick Reed

cellphone projector

I haven’t done a gee-whiz technology post in a long while. Well, Look what’s just around the technological corner! Imagine all your mobile video, powerpoint, videoconferencing, youtube viewing, probably even old-fashioned television broadcasts, all carried on your belt in your personal communications device! (From

Speaking of media convergence, Linda and I watched the 23 minute pilot for the new fall Kelsey Grammar sitcom, in full wide-screen definition, on our laptop last night just before retiring. It was a free download from

My take on the show: talented and watchable performers, but the pilot recycles hackneyed sitcom cliche’s and will pretty much stink up whatever screen you view it on.