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nice fish

Landed this guy today, it was a good fight. Jack Crevalle are no good to eat, so I released him to fight another day.


Later I was pulled over by the marine patrol for straying too close to a cruise ship. He gave me a written warning for not carrying my boat registration, and for illegal spacing of my boat letters on my hull. ” The prefix and suffix must be separated from the numerals by a space equal to the width of the digits, i.e., FL 0001 AB.”

boat numbers

virtual worlds

This article at is a good profile of what the virtual world experience is like in Second Life. Its the story of a disabled man whose real-life marriage is in serious jeopardy because of the time he spends in SL. But then, maybe the wife might have thought twice about hitching up with someone who had spent “two years on the road selling herbs and essential oils at Renaissance fairs.”

“One Saturday night in early June, she discovered his cyber wife. He called her over to the computer to show her an outfit he had designed. There, above the image of the redheaded model, it said “Mrs. Hoorenbeek.” When she confronted him, he huffily replied that it was just a game.Two weeks later, Mrs. Hoogestraat joined an online support group for spouses of obsessive online gamers…

street view

You may have heard of google’s new map feature. They sent out a 360 degree camera car through some major cities and snapped tens of thousands of photos at street level, then linked them to their maps so that can call them up and even navigate for a virtual tour of the cities. Some critics have raised privacy concerns because of the level of detail. One lady doesn’t want her cat in the window visible on the internet.

Here’s a streetview shot of a balding man stretching and warming up for a jog while enjoying the view in SF’s Golden Gate Park. click on the photo to see what it is that warms him up!
streetview photo


btw, Central Florida has some streets in streetview

weekend visit

Austen with his new Power MacWe had a great visit this weekend from nephew Austen from NYC. Austen’s got a blog, and he brought his camera and will probably be posting pictures once he gets back home. Austen stayed with the GP’s, and we caught a movie with him, went to the beach, found a new riverfront good-ole-boy hangout featuring blackened gator and onion rings by the foot, and otherwise ate well while he was here (as usual, on Grampa Bob’s dime!).

Austen promises to get a haircut before school starts next month.