gay republicans

First it was prominent Floridian Mark Foley. Now the last week has brought the news of:

  • gonzalezA double murder-suicide in east Orlando. Three men in their 30’s found dead in a suburban house. Killed were a prominent republican strategist known throughout the south, his roommate, and a Kosovo-era war hero soldier now working as a tile installer. A detective early on speculated it was a lovers quarrel, and a gay political blog said gaydar was going off all over.
  • Bob AllenFlorida lawmaker Bob Allen was caught soliciting in a public restroom in Titusville, and argues he’s not a homo, he was just scared of all the black men in the park.Sen Larry Craig
  • And of course, Idaho senator Larry Craig tried to keep his Minnesota arrest for restroom solicitation on the down low and almost got away with it.

Actually, only Foley and the two restroom cruisers are truly worthy of scorn and derision. The shootings still under investigation are tragic, and the victims may only be guilty of discretion. The public officials on the other hand are hypocrites, liars, and cheaters. And both Republicans have a long history of support for anti-gay legislation.

It does make some twisted sense: why in the world would one need to support a gay marriage amendment if one personally chooses a lifestyle that includes public heterosexual marriage, and anonymous private sex with men in toilets?

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