again with the beach

We found the waterproof camera! I won’t name names, but it was under a certain family member’s bed. Anyway, take a look at this short boogie board clip. Turn on your sound!

Immediately after this late afternoon photo session, Gina was hit with a jellyfish sting on both ankles. We found a park ranger with a handy spritz bottle of vinegar, and she said she’d seen about 25 stings throughout the day. The news reported that there were several hundred stings in Volusia county to the north of us just the day before.

Flickr photos are here.

5 thoughts on “again with the beach”

  1. Gina’s bites don’t quite tie in with Deri’s 10-days-after-a-full-moon theory. Still — 12 days is close, and the 11th day was very active. (Full moon July 30)


  2. Yup, pretty close…

    And did you see the “Really?” piece in the Times’s science section this morning? It examined the vinegar-neutralizes-jellyfish-stings claim. It says it does.

    Wish there’d been a lifeguard and spray bottle of vinegar when I got stung!


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