Aliens in America

A new sitcom, coming this fall on the CW network! Its about a Pakistani exchange student in the American midwest.

On his first day at school the teacher asks the class how many of them are mad at Raja because, as one student puts it, “his people flew the planes into the buildings in New York.â€?

Hilarious, no? Will we watch? Likely. Will we like it? doubtful.

“They pose as students, Gary,â€? Mrs. Tolchuk tells her husband. “Bill O’Reilly said so.â€?

On a related note, this week we received in the mail a rejection card for an application that Hiba thoughtlessly made to an aviation services training school in Daytona Beach.

The state of Barbershop

Great article in the WSJ about the decline in popularity of barbershop music, the efforts of the Barbershop Harmony Society (formerly SPEBSQSA) to modernize just a little, and the resulting discord in the organization. Burt Szabo, cited in the article, appears frequently at my local chapter meetings, and he also penned the UCF Alma Mater.

Quartets Contend With Disharmony In the Barbershop –

Shawn York, (a top contest contender and 29-year-old tenor), thinks the older guys need to lighten up. “They’re so outraged that we’d do this. Yeah, we’re trying to push the envelope, but it’s not like we’re doing rap,” he shrugged after a recent rehearsal. “We’re trying to sing the songs we heard when we were growing up. You can’t just keep singing songs from the ’20s over and over.” complete article