back to the grind

We returned late saturday night, and I’m back on the treadmill (literally), and back at work. Here’s my vacation by the numbers:

Number of bass I caught. I went out in a kayak, canoe and a rowboat on different occasions.

Number of Esquire magazines I read. I found a stack in the back of a closet. They named Scarlett Johannsen as the “sexiest woman alive”.

Number of movies I watched, including the new Harry Potter movie at a rural cineplex near Mt. Airy, GA. Regarding HP, I was over it after book 2.  We also watched The Graduate – geez Dustin Hoffman was young! – and  Hollywoodland, in which Ben Afleck does a stunning impersonation of George Reeves.  And the period detail of the mid to late 50’s is also remarkable.  I recommend the movie.  My only complaint is the that it is inconclusive about Reeves death.   Oliver Stone would never let a little historical uncertainty get in his way of making a bold statement!

Number of monopoly marathon games we played (Bob, Linda, Gina, Nancy.) Linda won the first, Gina tromped us royally in the second game.

The number of lures that I caught fish with. It was a shallow-diving wobbling plug. Plastic worms, my normal go-to bass bait, were worthless. Also, the number of books I finished. I finally wrapped up The Omnivores Dilemma.

and finally:

Five hundred and thirty two
The number of miles from Winter Park to the Issen’s cabin. That is a long frickin’ drive.

Horseback riding panaroma

This is Linda and the girls heading out for a slow-paced trail ride. The reported highlight was fording the Chatahoochee.

click for larger version

BTW, I caught a 3 lb bass this morning. quite an accomplishment on an unstocked mountain lake.

We’re heading back to FL today; more pics coming soon. And I may be able to find a photo of us shooting the rapids on a freelancer’s website we’ll see when I get back to broadband.


Rafting today on the Nantahala river (N. Carolina) was great fun! Its been years and years since I did this (if memory serves, it was summer of 1985 when I with my new girlfriend Linda S. met Deri and her NYC friends in West Virginia!), and its still cool. Gina, Nancy and Linda all enjoyed it too. We got wet. Unfortunately, the photos of us taken at the class III falls at the end were not good. We have our memories.

Gina and I have just come down to the country store to drop off our garbage, and get online. She wanted to get in touch with Nick (in France) and send him some news and photos. While she was occupied, I snapped this low light photo. It was about 10pm, just a few minutes ago.

from Skylake country store

Waterfall711There is wifi here. Its at the country store, about a mile walk from the house on a shady wooded trail alongside a creek. When we take the trail the other direction for a mile, we come to this beautiful waterfall. Alongside the trail are bountiful wild blackberries. wow.

Blackberries729Niece Stacy Gensler came up from Atlanta and visited yesterday.  Nancy Issen decided to stay up here with us this week and keep us company. We’re going white water rafting in North Carolina on Tuesday.

The only bummer is that my camera is acting up and will likely fail — many of my photos and all the videos are overexposed and washed out. It appears to be a random thing of random severity. And its increasing.

Below – The Issens on their front porch:


The best photos so far I’m loading into a photoset here. They’re not chronologically organized or annotated yet, but take a look.

family vacation

Ted Issen, Gina, Dad, c. 1995We’re hitting the road tomorrow for a week’s vacation in the mountains. We’ve been invited by our good friends the Issens to use their new property in Sautee Nacoochee, GA. Its in a wooded lakefront community with spotty cellphone reception. Blog postings may be limited. I’ll take along my new kayak, and maybe get a chance to do a river float while we’re there.

We made two vacation trips to the area back when Gina was very little, but haven’t been back since 1995. This snapshot is from that last trip when we took Ted Issen along for company. What an adventure that was. (another photo here)

Kayaker spends two days adrift

kayaker GrahamThis is one lucky guy. He was swamped while kayaking offshore and lost his gear and his paddles. The 49 year old man was wearing a life jacket (a PFD), and passengers on the gambling ship that stumbled across him at 10pm thursday night said he was sitting on top of his overturned vessel — 10 miles offshore of St. Petersburg Beach (FL) . No one had reported him missing.

Video story here.

Write up here.

Coast Guard report here.