powerpoint on the web

I found this new service http://www.slideshare.net which converts and publishes powerpoint presentations using Adobe Flash. The conversion supports high resolution images, and can be viewed in full screen format from a web browser.

But the real power of this tool is that you can link and sync a presentation with an audio file. The resulting mashup is called a ‘slidecast‘. The audio file must be published elsewhere on the web in mp3 format, and slideshare provides a utility to set very precise slide change points. I’ve seen an example where the audio file was an excellent synchronization with presenter’s narration, but most of the slidecasts are more free form with music in the background. I posted a couple of presentations, including an art portfolio from Norma Smith, the sister of good friend and author Janice Elsheimer. It immediately caught the attention of the slideshare admins, and they included it in the homepage spotlight section!

The presentation is embedded below, or you can go to the site and review it in full-screen.


Update: One caveat — it appears that fancy powerpoint transitions are not converted and presented in the resulting flash animations. So you have to be content with no special effects like dissolves, fades, or swipes.

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