camera tech

This summer I’ve really missed having my old waterproof Pentax (which was ‘misplaced’ shortly after getting the new Pansonic Lumix, arghhhhhh!)  That camera was just great for fishing, beaching, snorkeling etc. fun stuff.   I’m not inclined to take the Lumix out on my kayak.

The NYT has given good reviews to this new waterproof Xacti E1 Sanyo digital camcorder.  It takes mpeg-4 video and records on SD cards, has an optical zoom and image stabilization.  Plus decent still image functions.   Just the thing to replace my near obsolete old digi-8 Sony camcorder.  <sigh>, I remember when the digi-8 was so state-of-the-art.  Heck, the Lumix takes better, and more convenient, video than the 10 year old Sony.

Anyway, the Sanyo is now on my wish list.  $460 from  Just the thing for the coming crew season.   At least until I start coveting a hi-def camcorder.

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