I’ve worked up to a regular routine of running 3X a week for a total of 15 miles or so. I read that to train and prepare for long distances you need to start tackling a ‘long run’ on a regular basis to build up endurance and get your body accustomed to the unique stresses and strains of the sustained effort that it takes to run for hours at a time. One way to read this is that the endurance training doesn’t even begin until after you’ve run for at least an hour. ugh. Thank goodness for podcasts and Ira Glass.

So I’ve begun to work on my long game, and I’m tackling it outdoors instead of on the treadmill. This morning I set out at 4:45a and targeted an 80 minute run; I headed out for 40 minutes in one direction, then turned and headed back. I finished feeling pretty strong, the morning temperature helped, and I paced myself well. I could have run for another 10 minutes I’m sure. When I measured my distance on gmaps pedometer it was exactly 7 miles. A new benchmark for me!

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