good rings

Alexia Onion Rings,Crispy Golden Onions with Sea Salt

Combining sweet Spanish onions with a delicate all-natural Japanese style breading Alexia Onion Rings have a light and crispy texture and are bursting with real onion flavor.

These are a family favorite, we’ve found them in the freezer section at whole foods and at publix. A little more expensive than ore-ida, but they crisp up real nicely in the oven, and they’re made with real sliced onions, not minced . A great accompanyment to, for example, the bison strip steak from walmart foods we tried tonight. Gina loves them with ranch salad dressing.

One thought on “good rings”

  1. Sounds yummy. We’ll give them a try. Matter of fact, just ordered them for delivery tomorrow.

    We like Whole Foods’ shoestring fries. Fried in canola oil, they’re almost as good as McD’s — and no trans fat!


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