top three

Dad and Gina, 2004Gina has been completely wrapped up this last semester with school activities. It seems all she ever talks about is what Mr. Vertulo, her rowing coach. is planning for her crew/boat placement, how practice went, or what boyfriend Nick thinks of this or that issue.

One evening she was going on about both topics, and for no evident reason, I smiled briefly and a little wistfully to myself. Gina noticed and asked what the expression was about. I hesitated a moment, but then confessed to her that I kind of missed the time when I was the most important man in her life. Gina did her own internal calculation and then replied, “Don’t worry dad, you’re still in the top three!”

3 thoughts on “top three”

  1. Oh my! What young ladies can do to a Dad. Reminds me of “Sunrise,Sunset” from “Fiddler on the Roof”—–“Swifly pass the years”.
    Grandpa Reed
    (Nick can relate to this is more ways than one)


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