I had a great audition for the coming season with the Orlando Opera chorus. I sang more confidently and better than I ever have, and the chorus director told me he’d be sure to use me in next seasons April production of Puccini’s Turandot.

I auditioned with the tenor piece from the Cherubini Requiem in which I had a featured role at church service two weeks ago. The director told me to give it up. Despite my ambition, I am NOT going to be cast as an opera tenor. 😦


NickKim0619We’re just back from a couple of nights in Vero for Nick and Kim’s wedding. It was a fun time, all the Makeshift guys and spouses were there, so singing did occur. There were about 50 in attendance at the beach ceremony in St. Lucie County outside of Ft. Pierce. Fierce winds threatened to force a change in venue, but we all pressed on and all went well. I have a few photos on flickr, please if you were there and have some good shots, send them to me. I’d like to add to my photoset. (any pics of us singing?)

In other weekend news, the WPHS crew team did very well at Nationals in Cherry Hill NJ, and brought back 4 medals, two are gold!! Gina’s lightweight 8 boat did not qualify for the finals, but we’ve got Stotesbury to celebrate this year, and she’s got a very bright varsity rowing career ahead.

Update: Many more great photos available at Janice’s new flickr.com website.

good rings

Alexia Onion Rings,Crispy Golden Onions with Sea Salt

Combining sweet Spanish onions with a delicate all-natural Japanese style breading Alexia Onion Rings have a light and crispy texture and are bursting with real onion flavor.

These are a family favorite, we’ve found them in the freezer section at whole foods and at publix. A little more expensive than ore-ida, but they crisp up real nicely in the oven, and they’re made with real sliced onions, not minced . A great accompanyment to, for example, the bison strip steak from walmart foods we tried tonight. Gina loves them with ranch salad dressing.

New Firm

As of today, Linda is no longer with Degraw and Associates. She has a change of professional address and is now of Counsel with the AEGIS Law Firm, P.L. She may be reached at

Linda Solash-Reed, esq.
AEGIS Law Firm, P.L
1330 Palmetto Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Update: here’s a better description of Linda’s new position.  She’s a non-equity partner responsible for her own clients and business.

not in MY yard!!

This just in from my fishing list:


A friend of mine is wanting to get rid of a brand new metal framed/vinyl enclosed structure to cover his boat. It is approx. 10′ x 20′ with a zippered door and holds his 16 waterman just fine. He just completed assembly, got the boat in and the wife said no way.

He is looking to be rid of it within the next 2 weeks or it goes on the curb. Hate to see it go to waste so if anyone is interested, contact me off list and I will put you in touch with him. He lives by Winter Park Hospital.

Paul C.

100 year old color photograph

This beautiful century-old Edward Steichen autochrome, probably of Charlotte Spaulding, has been uncovered and donated to the George Eastman House in Rochester. Story at the New York Times.

I love this image…its on a 5X7″ glass plate stored in a dark cupboard for decades and decades. Existing glass plates from the time using the same chemistry have faded due to display and exposure to light.

Stotesbury results

Gina and her varsity “lightweight 8” boat finished 3 races: time trials on friday, semi-finals saturday morning, and the finals at 3pm saturday afternoon. Linda called me from the finish line as the boats approached, so I got to hear and feel the excitement…..Gina’s Winter Park crew finished 3rd, in the medals!

I don’t have all the other Winter Park results, but the freshman boy’s boat (8 rowers, with boyfriend Nick and neighbor Ted Issen) won gold!!!

Update: Winter Park Official Results:

  • GOLD Boy’s Second Eight

  • GOLD Boy’s Freshmen Eight

  • SILVER Boy’s Senior Eight

  • BRONZE Girl’s Lightweight Eight

and Gina IS going to Nationals this coming weekend in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. (which is suburban Philly again).