What is this thing? I was out on the lagoon today and came across this rusted structure, in about two feet of water. Its a good if not perfect circle, and about 10 yards across.


Here’s the same thing depicted in google’s satellite mapping. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold fish.

3 thoughts on “structure”

  1. I sent the picture to one of my fishing lists, and my old fishing acquaintance and longtime Brevard resident Capt. Bob J. explained that it is an old bombing target. He said:

    “…it is an old left-over from before WWII, when Patrick AFB was
    the Banana River Naval Air Station. The Navy used them for aerial bombing
    practice. As long as they been sitting in saltwater it’s amazing there’s
    anything left of them showing above the surface.

    There are four of them still around. In the Indian River there’s one in the
    upper Indian River across from the Scotsmore ramp and another just north of
    Haulover Canal, also on the east side. There are two more in the Banana


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