Night on Broadway

Saturday night we attended the sold out final performance of WPHS Night on Broadway. What a show! A cast of 200+, and the production was seamless. Lighting, costuming, sound, staging — it was hugely impressive for a high school concert. They even tackled Bob Fosse choreography (in somewhat sanitized Chicago numbers) and they totally pulled it off!!

Gina and her 60+ freshman women’s chorus were simply lovely, singing among other things, Cole Porters “In the Still of the Night”

Below, Grampa finds Gina’s cast picture posted in the lobby.


2 thoughts on “Night on Broadway”

  1. We have been bowled over by the spring productions of the Winter Park High School choral department! They are always Broadway themed, and introduce the kids to the standards. There’s no rap (or is that crap?) Instead, they bring in a director and choreographer from New York, back the kids with a professional combo of 8 pieces, rehearse every night for a month and simply stun us all! WOW!


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