another big fish

big carpA German fishing adventure, by way of a Russian sportsman’s website dedicated to Carp Fishing. (lots more photos at the site.) I don’t think its a world record, but its a damn big fish.

I looked in podsacek, and simply could not believe what he saw, carp this size! I tried to raise it, and immediately felt his entire weight. I immediately telephoned a friend to all who are interested karpova fishing, and after 10 minutes on the ground were seven people from the clubs carps our area. All witnesses, we gently pulled and the fish weighed 14 eyes filmed on weights 38kg and 150gramm!

38 kg is about 84 lbs which looks about right. Translation by

I love the internets.

holy crap! my boat’s gone!

From Florida Today,
March 11, 2007

Missing boat found in road

PALM BAY — It was a case solved by simply following the debris trail, as patrol officers responded to a man’s call about a missing boat this morning.

The 25-year-old man reported the fishing boat missing about 8:30 a.m., after waking in his west Palm Bay home and finding his truck, but not his trailer or boat, after a trip to Turkey Creek, officials said.

“He didn’t know where it was,â€? said Sgt. Don Hampton of the Palm Bay Police Department.

The man, who police said might have been drinking alcohol, told police that he remembered hitching the trailer and the boat after the fishing trip, Hampton said.

The boat and trailer, both gone when he woke up, were located on Miller Street in northeast Palm Bay, Hampton said.

“An officer just followed his path and found his trailer on the side of the road and the boat overturned in the middle of the street. The debris pieces had just broken off of it. It appears he dragged it for several blocks and tore up the boat without knowing it,â€? Hampton said.

“He made it home safe and sound. We told him where his boat was. He could have hurt someone.â€?

The man, whose name was not released by police, was not charged. The case remains under investigation.

Florida Today

myspace friends

Deke SharonI’ve created accounts and dabbled for a while in the social spaces and, with a mostly professional (and parental) interest in whats going on. My online ‘friends’ have not been a big deal of any kind, but today I received a ‘friend request’ from someone I know of, and he’s semi-famous! I blogged about Deke Sharon a while ago, he is extremely well known in a cappella circles. I immediately accepted and added him to my ‘top 8’ — of my 36 total friends. And reciprocally, I’m now Deke’s 416th myspace friend!

Four Truths about the war in Iraq

Editor and columnist Jacob Weisberg writes bluntly in about what most politicians won’t say out loud:

  1. The war was a mistake.
  2. American casualties are victims.
  3. America is losing or has already lost.
  4. American casualties are lives wasted

The interesting part of this article is not the ‘truths’, but his discussion about how our leaders and candidates — even the anti-war ones — are tap dancing around these memes.

another 5K

I finished another one, this was the Real Florida 5K, held in Wekiva State Park. It was a cross country trail run, and pretty dang rugged for someone who does all his training on a treadmill.


Linda, Seth and Janice also signed up, Janice and Linda walked it, Seth won a medal for his age group finishing near the front of the pack. For me, I matched my last 5K time of just under 32 minutes, but it was the hardest run I’ve had yet. The soft sand, numerous tree roots, and occasional inclines put more demands on me than I’m used to. My goal is just to finish without breaking my run, and I was really hurting by the end. I managed 10 minute miles for the first two, then 12 minutes for the final 1.1 mile. After crossing the finish, I had a little trouble staying on my feet, but what kind of a wimp collapses after a mere 5K!!! I’m ok, no injuries. Small photoset on flickr here.