rhonda vincent

I don’t know quite how we managed it, but I was delighted when we were escorted to our front row center seats at the friday night concert by Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, at Northland church in Longwood. Damn, I forgot to take my camera. She hasn’t had a big hit record in a few years and the promotion for this concert was nil (did find this column item in the sentinel published the day of the event). Therefore, the turnout was sparse — the 1200 seat hall was less than half filled. But Rhonda and her band put on a great show nonetheless. Judging by her tour schedule, this is just all in a days work.

Gina called in the middle of the second act with an urgent need to be picked up, so Linda went to retrieve her and missed the final songs and the encore. I talked to the band briefly after the show on my way out of the facility. They do some really sweet four part harmonies and I only wish I had my pitch pipe with me. Just kidding; I wouldn’t have had the nerve to whip it out. But you can call me fanboy.

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