another 5K

I finished another one, this was the Real Florida 5K, held in Wekiva State Park. It was a cross country trail run, and pretty dang rugged for someone who does all his training on a treadmill.


Linda, Seth and Janice also signed up, Janice and Linda walked it, Seth won a medal for his age group finishing near the front of the pack. For me, I matched my last 5K time of just under 32 minutes, but it was the hardest run I’ve had yet. The soft sand, numerous tree roots, and occasional inclines put more demands on me than I’m used to. My goal is just to finish without breaking my run, and I was really hurting by the end. I managed 10 minute miles for the first two, then 12 minutes for the final 1.1 mile. After crossing the finish, I had a little trouble staying on my feet, but what kind of a wimp collapses after a mere 5K!!! I’m ok, no injuries. Small photoset on flickr here.

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