The Office, redux

PamStill a highly regarded favorite in our house, and Linda has even begun to warm up to it a little. I found this great essay from the New Yorker regarding both the original BBC series, and its US incarnation.

The challenge that faced the American “Officeâ€? was to honor the spirit of the original while tweaking the workplace dynamics so that audiences would want to watch more than twelve episodes. The British scabrousness and barely suppressed violence is gone, and the Scranton office—brighter and noisier, with more posters, parties, and pep—is Slough on Zoloft. (entire article)

Studio 60 redux

cripes. The show that started off so strong and has so much talent behind it, has IMHO jumped the shark. In this week’s ep, our sexually-tensed protagonists Danny and Jordan were accidentally LOCKED OUT ON THE ROOF OF THE BUILDING! And furthermore, neither of their cellphones could get a signal, on a ROOFTOP, in the middle of LOS ANGELES!!!

The other romantic dalliances in the so-called “plot” are equally ridiculous. I’ll probably keep watching to the bitter end, its pretty good treadmill fare, but this one is doomed for the cancellation scrapheap.

BTW, did you notice that the charming Lucy is played by Lucy Davis who is the receptionist in the original BBC version of “The Office”? Hope we see more of her.


Turns out I had an application already installed on my computer that works pretty good to manage my iPod. Its MediaMonkey which I downloaded and installed a couple of weeks ago for its music file tag editing functions. However, its a full-featured media manager which maintains a library, builds playlists and automatically recognized my iPod and allowed me to move files back and forth in a couple of different ways.

So I’ve got about 500 songs now loaded and I’m enjoying the iPod interface and the shuffle function. Almost all my serious listening gets done in my car, and I had a good drive this morning accompanied by in no particular order Duane Allman, Tommy Dorsey, Dixie Chicks, The Ink Spots, Israel kamakawiwoole, Susan Tedeschi, Jack Johnson, and Outkast.